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9 months ago I was freshly back in Australia from a songwriting trip to Europe, and I found out that I was also freshly pregnant. So when Schumann&Bach sent me the skeleton of a new song to work on and write vocals to, the only thing I could wrap my head around to talk about was the wild journey I knew I was about to set off on. I was excited, curious, nervous and scared out of my mind looking ahead to what this new change would mean for me as an artist, as a woman, a partner and soon to be mother. I wrote this song as my self declaration to put everything I had out there and face any fears head on and just run until I finally got to meet whoever the new little human was that was on the way.  I wrote it in a day and then left it for months and only returned to it again recently. To put the finishing touches on the song I decided to enlist my partner and family to finish it off, with Set Mo adding some extra production and then my whole family re-singing the choir vocals at the end.



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